Full Client Case Study:

Adaptive Engineering Solutions Ltd

What is R&D?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive intended to promote R&D in the UK.

Gordon at Adaptive Engineering had to analyse a section of a wind turbine to discover why it was failing. Modern FEA software was utilised and Gordon was able to pinpoint reasons for the turbine failure. Although a fairly typical project for this company, the engineers had to overcome a series of technical difficulties when applying the software.


Having carried out the analysis, Gordon’s team made design recommendations to the client. These recommendations enabled the client to resolve the problem and improve the turbine performance. This was qualifying activity because Adaptive Engineering had both incorporated modern advances in technology to complete the project, and their recommendations had ‘appreciably improved’ the performance of the turbine.


The Testimonial


“The Team at QLC guided us through the process of making a claim, and advised us that we were eligible due to the nature of some of our work.They quickly ascertained what supporting documentation we would need to provide, completed the necessary paperwork on our behalf, and promptly filed this with HMRC.We were then contacted directly from HMRC saying we had been successful, and received a cheque from QLC shortly after.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend QLC to another company engaged in business which may be eligible for R&D tax relief.”

Gordon Mucklow


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