Full Client Case Study:

Electramec Limited

What is R&D?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive intended to promote R&D in the UK.

John and his team at Electramec were tasked with rewinding an AC motor to make it suitable for use in the Oil & Gas industry. What appeared to be a standard job soon turned into one where a number of technical problems had to be solved. Disassembling the motor proved to be a significant challenge. Custom tooling was designed and manufactured to make this achievable. A number of attempts were made before the motor was taken apart without causing damage. Custom tooling was then produced so that the motor could be placed in the burnout oven and efficiently removed.


The engineers also aimed to prevent flame paths being created. Thus would improving the device performance and was one of the major project objectives. Challenges were encountered and overcome. Queen’s Lane Consultants were able to relate this work successfully to the necessary guidelines and regulations to achieve a successful outcome for Electramec.


The Testimonial


“We were approached by Queen’s Lane Consultants in regard to R&D rebates. We had no idea what these really were or whether we were eligible however after the initial friendly meeting they assured us that we would more than likely qualify. We decided to proceed and they helped us every step of the way they were polite, respectful and professional throughout the process. Queen’s Lane Consultants did everything necessary to ensure that we achieved a successful outcome. They kept us informed at every stage and were very efficient and kept the process streamlined and simple allowing us to focus on running our business while they took care of our claim. We would highly recommend Queens lane Consultants and wish them all the best for the future.”

John Kilgour



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