Full Client Case Study:

Stall-Mech Engineering Ltd

What is R&D?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive intended to promote R&D in the UK.

Stall-Mech Engineering Services Ltd is an engineering company specialising in designing and manufacturing industrial plants and installations. Stall-Mech had to overcome a number of technological challenges when adapting and developing a pre-existing industrial-scale tank for deionised water.


Will and his engineers had to improve the structural integrity of the tank, making a series of structural calculations. As the project progressed, the designs were modified to optimise the tank performance. This development enabled the project objectives to be achieved. Various materials were also trialled before a solution was discovered which delivered the sought-after level of performance.


The Testimonial


“Queen’s Lane Consultants were instrumental in enabling my company, Stall-Mech, to successfully claim the R&D Tax Credit. We were aware of the initiative before and did not think it applied to companies such as ours. However, they were able to really nail down on the technical aspects of what we did and were very helpful and professional throughout the process. They were also able to relate this to our accounts, taking a lot of the pressure off and allowing us to carry on with our day-to-day operations. I have gone on to introduce Queen’s Lane Consultants to a number of other companies, all of whom have reported a similar experience to myself.”

Will Tompkins, Director


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