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Teal Engineering Services Limited

What is R&D?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive intended to promote R&D in the UK.

Teal Engineering Services was tasked with producing a stillage for a passenger jet. A stillage being like a pallet or skid, but with a cage, sides, or some form of support specifically tailored to the material that it is intended to carry. Designing the stillage proved difficult. Several companies had been approached to do the work, but none had been able to complete the task. The product would have to hold a 25-tonne weight and be able to support the aircraft fuselage in most events.


Initial designs were found to not lift the aircraft off the ground enough for reasonable use. Therefore, a pneumatic jack was incorporated into the frame of the design. This allowed for variable height settings. The wheels were also moved from the ends of the stillage frame to the centre. This decreased the turn radius of the fuselage. Further uncertainty was faced when attempting to improve the longevity of the stillage. Different techniques would have to be tested in order to find the most successful. A prototype was created in this process, the lessons learnt from this prototype being implemented in the final product.



The Testimonial


Queen’s Lane Consultants made this so easy.  We had many companies contact us and made everything sound time consuming and awkward to achieve.  After a 40-minute meeting and 30 minutes via emails, a cheque was in the post!!!!!  Cannot thank the Queen’s Lane Team enough, for a small company like us this makes such a difference.

Laurence Turner

Teal Engineering Services Limited


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