Built with accountants in mind.

Strengthen client relationships (and grow your business) without any additional resources. Gain a referral fee for each client, and partner with us on the rest - we manage the R&D claims process end-to-end. For 1,400 clients and counting.

Why Choose us

100% optimised and compliant.

Accredited accountants

Our in-house chartered accountants review every single claim, and submit CT600’s directly so you don’t have to.

Enquiry specialists

Our R&D claims are 10x less likely to be enquired. In the rare case they are, our enquiry specialists deal directly with HMRC.

Efficient technology

Our online portal automatically imports costs and tracks the progress of your clients R&D claim - you can access this anytime with a specific accountants login.

Why Choose us

Why accountants partner with QLC.

Flexibility of an online portal, email, or a phone call.

Our submissions are 10x less likely to get enquired.

£50M claimed for UK businesses, with a 99% success rate.

Payouts arrive 12 days faster, on average.

We deal with all HMRC liason, from submission to enquiry.

Thorough and transparent, we have no incentives to overcomplicate the process.

Help your clients get tax relief, without the hassle of managing the claim yourself.